What Do You Need To Know About Electric Landing Gear

electric landing gear

Well, the device offers solid support to the constructive aircraft cargo, effectively and most prominently during the takeoff and landing procedure.  Since the aircraft loads is a primary factor upon which the mechanism sustains, hence there are several proficient electric landing gears that are manufactured. It varies from structural complexities too, thus giving ample scope to enhance its operative capacity. Well, there is more to learn. 

What Is The Basic Mechanism That Electric Landing Gear Performs

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The braking system to the electric landing gear is a device with a subsystem, that automatically controls the aircraft. Besides, being an important aircraft part, the device requires servicing from time too. Also, there are high chances of the malfunctioning electric landing gear. There comes the responsibility of the pilot to identify and follow maintenance procedures to avoid accidents. Further, one may find similarities in the functionality of the training equipment. With practice now and then one will become acquainted with the same. 

What Are The Types Of Electric Landing Gear

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The list includes-

  • Conventional gear
  • Tricycle gear
  • Pontoons 
  • Ski-planes

A typical electric landing gear holds three wheels. We all have seen the two-wheel that is placed side by side. The single one is placed either in front or at the rear of the aircraft.

If the third wheel is at the rare, then the device gets termed as ‘Tail Wheel’. The mechanism resembles that of a tricycle landing gear.

Well, did you know that an airplane gets equipped with floats for water operation? In fact, it also gets styled with skis in case there is an emergency landing over the snow.

How Does An Electric Landing Gear Gets Designed?

Well, the objective needs to completely satisfy the purpose. Therefore it can be-

  • A fixed electric landing gear
  • Or a retractable electric landing gear

How Are The Landing Gear Gets Equipped

The electric landing gear comes in several parts, that includes, links, and a hose. These are some of the primary tools to ensure a safe landing. The parts are-

  • Struts
  • Steering Linkage
  • Two Bars

What Are The Aircraft Brakes?

The chief function is defined as slowing down the craft in times of landing. If not operated cautiously, the fact can work the opposite and turn towards the taxiway. The modern generation encourages disc brakes that are devised on the main gear system only. The pilot can control the device both manually and through a switch.

In Wrapping Up 

This sums up the base on which electric landing gear stands. Well, there is more to study and read if you are someone who fancies the subject. Talking to a professional always helps. Or getting a book on aircraft is another fine decision that you can take into account. So, what’s next? Hope you find your answers on electric landing gear pretty soon.

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