Top Gear Builds Electric Cars – What Are Your Choices

top gear builds electric car

So it’s been almost a year since my Top Gear build of a homemade electric vehicle went up in flames on a remote ranch in Arizona. Now that the disaster is over, I am able to sit down with my kids and tell them about the lesson we learned. If only we had purchased a few more Top Gear Build it electric cars! OK, maybe I shouldn’t say that – but it is what I really want to say. Anyway, let’s get to work.

Throw A Tvr Chimaera

Electric Cars

OK, firstly, I must mention that the day I tried to build the car, I was actually working on a local TV project. Throw together a TVR Chimaera with a few wooden garden chairs, some cheap cordless batteries, an inflatable egg popper, some old milk cans and a can of oil, and you’ve got enough parts to build a small car. OK, so let’s not go there. The thing that got away was the thought of assembling the car in my garage and taking it for a test drive. I managed to put the car on a trailer and haul it up to the local arena (pennies on the dollar). Needless to say, it looked like something from “My Fair Lady” and we were instantly bitten by the bug.

I know, I said that already, but let me re-iterate: I spent several hours each day for two months straight, building and welding and designing and testing and redesigning my electric cars. What I learned during that time is life. And if I hadn’t learned it, neither would anyone else have! We all need to learn about problems and how to solve them. That’s the way we learn.

Build It Yourself 

Electric Cars

My next Top Gear Build it yourself electric car project was a much simpler one. I wanted to build an all electric water heater for my friend’s pool. It wasn’t too difficult, but it did take a little planning. I knew that I wanted to use a stainless steel water heater because it’s pretty, easy to maintain and corrosion resistant. So I did some research. After that I had to decide on the power source.

A lot of folks have said that if you want to build your own Top Gear Electric Cars, you should really consider going all electric. Well, that’s a good idea. But if you’re like most folks who have wanted to do it but don’t have the time or inclination, you’ll find that the best plan is to buy a kit and do everything yourself. There’s a lot of information on the internet about doing this and it’s not nearly as difficult as you might think.

Buy A Kit 

So now we come to another point: Will you buy a kit or do you build your own? For me, I chose to build my own electric cars because it was the easiest way to do it. I built a fairly simple motor to run the controller was so simple that I could make it myself with parts from parts stores. Besides, I would have had to buy a controller for my electric car, but if you want something simple and easy to run, you can buy an off the shelf controller and just add fuel to it.

Summing Up

There are a few ways you can do this. One of the best ways is to find a group of people that either already own one of the Top Gear electric cars or have plans for building one. They will be glad to help you out and maybe even give you some advice on what you should do. If you don’t know of any groups like this, you can always go to Ebay and search for electric car kits. Most of them come in kits for a couple hundred dollars and they are easily done.

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