Top 5 Hybrid Car Picks For You

Basic Introduction:

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There are several hybrid cars to look at before you buy a new car. Before you go out and buy an expensive hybrid, though, you will need to take a look at how much gas mileage the hybrid gets. For example, if you have a high demand for your car and drive long distances every day, it may make sense to buy a hybrid because they use less fuel than regular cars. If your car is mostly used for city driving though, hybrids may not make sense financially at this point. If you want to go green, though, a hybrid car is a good idea.

Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid:

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Toyota Prius has been around for over 10 years and many people have purchased them because they get great gas mileage which saves a lot of money at the pump. At the same time, the hybrid battery does need to be replaced every once in a while. Even with this drawback, it is still one of the best hybrids on the market because it gets very high gas mileage and holds up well over time. There are also lots of different types of styles for this car like hatchback or wagon models that make it very versatile if you need to haul stuff around inside your vehicle. Also available as a plug-in hybrid model (both regular and advanced).

Ford Escape Ford:

Ford Escape Ford has recently come out with hybrid models that get over 40 mpg which makes them very affordable for anyone who wants to drive a clean car without paying so much money for gas. Because they have been around for such a short amount of time though, there aren’t very many styles and options available yet, so you may need to wait until next year or later for these choices to be available. One of the best things about the Ford Escape is that it gets good gas mileage and holds up well over time.

Honda Civic:

The Honda Civic hybrid gets very high gas mileage but may not hold up as well over time as some of the other hybrids on this list. It is also more expensive than many of the other hybrids here which may be another reason why it doesn’t make sense for everyone to buy one., yet it only gets about 45 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway which isn’t great if you drive a lot.

Ford C-Max Hybrid:

Ford C-Max with an EPA rating of 43mpg combined for its 2L I4 engine C-Max is a stylish car that gets good mileage. The interior room in this car is amazing which makes it great for people who are always carting around lots of kids or pets or who simply need lots of space to store stuff when they are not using their vehicle. With plenty of tech features available inside this vehicle, it will be sure to keep even tech geeks happy behind the wheel.

Ford Fusion:

If you want a bigger car that is a hybrid, then the Ford Fusion is for you. It holds more people and has lots of room inside so if you have a big family this would be a good option for you. The Tauntaun edition may even work for those Star Wars fans out there because it looks similar to the Empire’s version of an SUV from the movies. In terms of gasoline usage though, the Ford Fusion doesn’t get as good gas mileage as some other hybrids on this list which could be annoying if you drive long distances every day. If going green isn’t important to you and saving money at the pump is, then other cars may be better.

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