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electric riding gear

Electric riding gear helps you overcome the winter months and prolong your riding season throughout the year. There are really only two important concepts that you have to address first before adding any new electric accessories to your bike. Safety first, and second, how much electric current do you want your motorbike to pull? These are basically the most fundamental points to keep in mind when purchasing new electric riding gear for your bike.

Safety: As mentioned, motorcycles pack a ton of functions into such a small package, and electrical accessories aren’t an exception. You need to be certain that your mask, goggles, gloves, and torso shield are installed in a way that prevents them from getting in the way when you’re riding. In addition, you may not want to cut off your arms or legs so invest in a good set of personal flotation devices that will allow you to keep your arms and legs working in perfect order. Make sure your helmet has a good-fitting strap so you can secure it securely to your head and face.

Electric Riding Gear

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Preparation: Riding in inclement weather is definitely not your cup of tea. If you’re planning on taking your motorcycle out into the colder temperatures, make sure that you have a quality heated vest to wear. A quality heated vest will provide you with a warming sensation that will keep you comfortable as you ride. It’s also a good idea to invest in a good set of gloves. Gloves will give you more handgrip as well as increased protection against knick-knacks that may get stuck in the spokes of your tires.

Size: If you’ve never ridden in inclement weather before, you’ll want to ensure that your electric riding gear is properly sized for the temperature that you will be riding in. In hot weather, you don’t necessarily want to buy shorts that are too big, but you do want to buy one that’s just a little too small. As for cold weather, the right size may be different. Typically, long-sleeved shirts are best worn in temperatures up to ten degrees below zero, while long-sleeved shirts are ideal for temperatures up to fifteen degrees above zero. Your clothing choice should be reflective of the current weather conditions that you’ll be facing, so invest in waterproof clothing that will allow you to cover you from head to toe.

Power consumption: The size, material, and weight of your electric riding gear are important to the amount of power consumption that it requires. Lightweight options are great for those who don’t plan on stopping frequently. The same goes for durable and water-resistant gear. These types of items are generally not very heavy, but they may not be the most comfortable either. Heavy, clunky items consume a lot more power than light, compact ones, so look for options in between if you’re looking for power-saving capabilities.

A Much Ado

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Cold weather riding: Cold weather can present challenges to even the most seasoned bikers. If you’re thinking about buying some seriously cold weather apparel or motorcycle riding gear, keep these tips in mind. First, check out your battery and its charging options. Cold weather makes your battery life goes down quickly, so make sure it’s readily available and in good shape. Additionally, make sure that you’re properly covered up and protected against the wind, rain, and snow that may blow into your face since the wind can significantly increase the temperature on your bike.

Existing load: If you have an existing load on your bike, you’ll want to wait until your current load is at a low point before adding on any new electric riding gear. A lot of gear is designed to add on weight, but it rarely adds any extra power. However, if your existing load is relatively light, then it may be better to buy a few extra accessories. This will help you save a few pounds while still getting all the power you need. This doesn’t mean, though, that you’ll need to give up on any existing gear, as many new models are designed to work with any existing gear.

Bottom Line

Power cord: Your electric riding gear needs to plug into a power cord in order to work, so don’t short the cord. Shorting out the power cord can cause serious damage to your electric system, not to mention an unnecessary expense. Keep an eye on the length of the cord and always pay close attention to how long the power cord lasts. It’s also important to know that some newer model motorcycles don’t have longer cord lengths, so if yours does not have a power cord on it, find out why and get an extension. Gerbing (or masking tape, as it’s sometimes called) is a popular solution for masking the wire, but it’s dangerous and should be used sparingly.

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