Things That Makes Tesla Electric Engine And Its Cars Unique Yet Special

tesla electric engine

A lot of people have gas cars and are a bit intrigued with electric cars and how they work. In gas cars, you have a lot of maintenance that you have to do. But with electric cars you don’t have to do that because it is a computer, the battery pack and a motor, that’s it. The motor is what gives the electric car a ludicrous speed that people freak out and be terrified of riding an electric car. 

The Tesla electric engine weighs 550 pounds. In this article, we will tell you what all are inside a Tesla electric engine which looks big and bulky with a lot of screws in it. Not only Tesla electric engines but also their important internal parts which makes Tesla unique yet special. 

About Tesla Electric Engine And Other Parts


car engine

Teslas are sporty, modern cars but they still look like cars there is not so much of the exterior. Underneath the sleek skin is where you will find the foundation of Tesla. Tesla designers were able to develop the car around its battery and powertrain because they have a clean slate. The Tesla electric engine that gives ludicrous speed was designed so that you didn’t have to squeeze the battery pack. 

The Frunk

A car engine

Tesla electric engine is where most makers put the charger, electronic controls, electric motor, power inverter, etc. But Tesla integrated all that into the parts of the car that you can’t see. The company calls the ‘trunk or the front trunk which is the left room under the hood of the storage compartment. 

Fuel Storage

Since the Tesla electric engine cars run from electricity there is no fuel tank in the Tesla. In place of the fuel tank, Tesla has a large battery pack that contains energy storage cells as well as electronic control and cooling system. All of these are packed into a flat box between the frame rails under the floor pan a few inches above the ground. 

Instrument Panel

Other cars give the drivers a lot of soft-touch buttons, knobs, switches and even joystick to contend with. Tesla puts everything into centre-mounted, a massive display screen of 17 inches. This display screen provides a clear, on-screen touch control, easy-to-use. 

The energy system and the speedometer were digitally projected onto a driver-facing screen where other conventional cars keep their digital dials and analogue. 

Propulsion System

Most cars use multi-speed transmissions and internal combustion engines. They have hundreds of moving parts that require regular maintenance. On the other hand, Tesla uses only two moving parts and single-speed transmission that have no gears. 


These are the things that make a Tesla electric engine and cars unique from all the other cars. Hopefully, this article helped you know the Tesla electric engine and car better. 

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