Makes Inflating Tires in Emergency Easier and More Convenient! Convoy Your Safety All the Way!

Do you have a constant love for automotive, and do you feel like driving often? Then you should be able to have some arrangements ready in case something goes wrong with your car tyre. Being stranded on the side of a remote road with a flat tyre is never a good situation- and you should be ready for that. Now you can find numerous items in the market that will help inflate the tyres, but how much can you rely on them? If you are searching for the most impressive products in the market, there can be nothing better than the portable digital LED electric inflator. It is easy to grab from the online store, and there are numerous options to choose from. They might not come cheap, but the investment is going to be worth it. Now it is time for you to check out the details to buy the product right away. 

Portable Digital LED Electric Smart Car Air Compressor Pump Inflator Repair Tool Accessories

Now you can get the intelligent compressor inflator that is easy to handle, and you can even start using it as a beginner. It is also portable and lightweight so that it is convenient for everyone. The material is highly durable, and that is why it is easy to maintain. It is also something optimum for traveling purposes, and you can pump your time within no time. The device’s weight is 950 grams, and the size is 24*18*5.2cm. In the single package, you will be able to find a compressor, hose, connector that you can use on various appliances, and a manual so that you can read and apply. Buy the intelligent compressor now to increase your efficiency. 


  • Brand Name- EAFC
  • Item type- pumps
  • Item width- 18cm
  • Item weight-950g
  • Model name- ywhg102
  • Voltage- 12V
  • Item diameter- 20cm
  • Item Height- 5.2cm
  • Item Length- 24cm approx
  • Material Type- metal and plastic combined. 
  • Price- 46 dollars to 72 dollars
  • Color- black and green
A wheel of a car


  • The best part about the portable led inflator is that you can get it with the help of a secure method in the comfort of your home. 
  • It is available in two different colors to choose from, and the material is highly sturdy. It is small and less space-consuming so that you can carry it all the time.
  • In the entire package, you will get the set without having to buy any accessories. The manual is easy to read and apply as well.  
  • The high-grade LCD is relatively easy to read, and even on dark roads, you can push a proper amount of air. 
A close up of a device


  • The only problem with this device is that it is quite a bit expensive as compared to the other similar products. But the quality of the device is worth the extra bucks.


It is pretty easy to repair your flat tire if you have this product with you on the road. So what are you waiting for?

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