Know in Depth About Gear Oil Pump Electric

gear oil pump electric

Pumps that use rotating cogs or gears to move fluids are known as gear pumps. The rotating element induces suction at the pump inlet by creating a liquid seal with

Positive-displacement pumps, impulse pumps, velocity pumps, gravity pumps, steam pumps, and valveless pumps are all types of pumps classified by their displacement form.


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Electric, self-priming gear pump for oil supply under challenging conditions at medium pressure and long pumping distances; ensures steady flow and delivery even after long pumping distances or simultaneous supplies. Motors are available in three voltages: 230 Vac, 400 Vac, and 110 Vac.

Electric gear pump, model 6135, with kit 7373, which includes a pressure accumulator, inline oil filter, non-return valve, manometer, attachment adapters, and an electronic pressure switch that starts the pump when the control gun is triggered and stops it when the gun is closed due to a pressure increase in the circuit.

The pressure accumulator ensures a steady oil flow by preventing the motor from starting and repeatedly stopping, which may cause harm if dispensing small amounts.

A bypass valve with a pressure setting of 28 bar is included. The plug and electric cable are not included.

Oil transfer pumps

Complete oil pumping and transfer kits, including suction tubes, flow meters, and trigger nozzles, are also available and complete oil management systems for control and protection of

Most oil dispensing applications are ideal for this self-priming

• With a bypass device for recirculation

• It’s ideal for lubricant transfers with a medium to low density.

• Delivery: 40 m • Suction: 2.5 m

• Oil flow: 20-25 liters per minute (SAE-20/50 W at 25 degrees Celsius)

• Offers thermal insulation

• Volume consumed: 2-4

• 1,500 revolutions per minute

• Pressure in the bypass: 5-6 bar

• 1/2 inlet/outlet “BURNING GAS (BSP)

• OFF/ON Switch

• A 3 m 230 VAC link cable with an injected plug is included.

The body uses • Brass.

The EA-90 self-priming

• With a bypass device for recirculation

• It’s perfect for

• 2.5 m of suction • 40 m of delivery

• Flow rate: 20-25 liters per minute (SAE-20/50W at 25°C)

• Motor: 0.37 kW 24 VDC self-ventilated

• continuous duty (S1)

• IP-55 waterproofing

• Amount consumed: 20-32 A

• 1,500 revolutions per minute

• Bypass tared at a pressure of 5-6 bar

• Includes clamps for linking a 24 VDC battery and a 2 m cable

Ideal for use in agriculture, architecture, public works, and manufacturing, among other items.

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