How Useful Are The 2 HP Electric Motors?

2hp electric motor

The electric motors are found in most of the machines and appliances irrespective of the industry. You won’t find any electric machine operating or functioning without the electric motors. The two HP means the unit to measure the power of the electric motor. 1 HP means 746 watts. This means HP = 1.5 KW.

The term horsepower was named two centuries ago but continues to describe the power in many types of equipment even today. The 2 HP motor comes in a huge range of the configuration design, and you need to understand the end-user or the application of the machine in which we are going to use the motor. Electric motors are easily available in the market. Depending on the end use, you can select the motors and use them for your application

How is the electric motor used ?

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The electric motor has got the biggest characteristics of passing the current. It acts as a split between the direct current and the alternating current. DC motors are used in an application that requires precise and stable operations; hence this is also called a direct current. Whereas the AC motors can provide great power and are very safe to operate.

You also need to understand the mechanical requirement which mounts the motor depending on end-use and which shaft bearing is used with the motor. Depending on the application, you can select the motor’s torque-speed range of the HP, and you should also keep in mind the temperature rise.

How is the 2 HP electric motor made?

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  • The electric motor consists of a stator. This is specifically a magnet. Electromagnets are used to provide more power.
  • The coil is mounted on the excel in spins at a very high speed and provides rotational energy to the system. This is generally called the rotor.
  • The computer is the key component of the DC motor’s full stop. Without the commutator, the rotor would not spin continuously as the opposing force is created by changing the current. The commutator allows the rotor to spin by reversing the current every time the query does a half turn.
  • Power source Supply the electromagnetic force which causes current to flow in the system.
  • Brushes are connected to the terminal of the power source and electric power flow to the commutator.
  • You can find the electric motor in most machinery is the air compressor and hydraulic machines in various mechanical rotational applications.


Based on the HP and based on the end-use, the electric motors are very much helpful to make the work easy and speedy. The cost of the two-phase electric motors roughly falls around 7000 to 10000 rupees. Based on the end-use and type of availability and the capacity of the machine to consider the horsepower of electric motors. Ensure to do the proper wire rings with the electric motors for it my short circuit sometimes due to improper wiring and if the load is not divided sufficiently.

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