How To Find The Best Sailboat Electric Engine For Your Craft

Sailboat Electric Engine

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The electric propulsion system was just an over-hyped term, but now it is the heart of every second boat. The sailboat electric engine generates power to spin grind winches, haul anchors, and radars. Modern electric engines are very reliable and lightweight, but not suitable for covering long distances. An average electric motor will work for a maximum of 30 hours, and later you’ll experience ‘standing faults.’

Electric engines are relatively vulnerable to corrosion, even not appropriately maintained. Nowadays, find the right engine for your yacht or sailboat is a challenging task.

Engines built in the USA ad UK boast different standards of excellence. However, various engines for boats are manufactured in the Middle East comes with unknown badges but are relatively cost-effective. Now, let’s how you can buy the right sailboat engine for your craft.

Power Of The Engine

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There is a common misconception that more power means more thrust. Well, you should focus on how the power is generated to move the boat. You require a minimal thrust but plenty of reverse horsepower. Reverse horsepower is needed by your craft to face gusty winds and headwinds.

Here the thumb rule is your craft at least needs 3HP per tonne of displacement. Nevertheless, engine manufacturers sometimes load their electric engines with just additional features. The engines might be cost-effective but missing all the essential specifications.

Electric engines have to work hard because they are currently the best alternative to diesel engines. Hence a big twin-engine is an ideal choice for generating enough power for your cruise trips.

Think About The Marinization

Improper maintenance can directly lead to corrosion, and your engine’s heartbeat will automatically go down. The most crucial component of any sailboat electric engine highly vulnerable to corrosion is the heat exchanger. You should always look for high-quality marinization along with corrosion components that need less maintenance and replacement.

Whenever you are finding any sailboat electric engine, check the quality and price list of spare parts. There’s no point in looking for cheaper electric motors that need frequent maintenance.

Assistance By The Engine Manufacturer

Engine manufacturers never sell engines randomly. Most customer-friendly manufacturers will sell engines with goodies and multiple accessories like keel coolers, alternators, and calorifier take-offs. Manufacturers will also recommend fitters who can replace your older engine with the newer one.

Many manufacturers will provide engine mount service at a cost-effective price. Manufacturers will design the engine, and fitters will complete the installation process. Hence, you need to seek an engine manufacturer who provides 100% assistance for your new and second-hand engines.

If you are running out of budget, it would be better to choose a second-hand engine. The key is to search for an experienced and certified engine manufacturer for your needs.

Final Words

Now, you are all set to gift your sailboat or yacht a brand new electric engine. Consider all the above tips, and you’ll definitely get the perfect sailboat electric engine for your needs.

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