From The Depths Electric Engine – An Overview

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Electric Engines are simply the best when it comes to limiting the use of fuels. With

desirable power variations and minimal components, these prove to be the better

Choice. Components Of The Electric Engine

• Electric engine block.

• Battery Pack

The From the Depths electric engine comprises an electric engine block connected to a battery pack. The battery pack can have as many batteries as desired by the user. The initial battery, when connected to the engine, has the slightest of effects on the engine’s performance. Hence a higher investment in the number of batteries is required to generate greater power output. When a battery is touching an electric engine, connecting another battery to it connects both the batteries to the engine. However, multiple electric engines cannot connect to the same battery or battery pack.

Working Principle Of An Electric Engine

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A battery pack has to be connected to the electric engine to generate power. Instead of using all the power immediately, the energy can be stored in the batteries.

To create power, the stored energy from all the batteries can be discharged through the electric engines. Since no units are measured in From the Depths, we consider 1 kilowatt (1kW), i.e., 1.34 horsepower as the unit of power. Thus one power-second is

represented by one kilojoule (kJ). The battery holds 15000 energy per cubic meter. When full, it produces 90 power. The energy is converted into power at a ratio of 1 energy to 1 power used. When idle, the battery doesn’t consume energy. The available power of the engine is directly proportional to the available energy.

From The Depths Electric Engine – Advantages

A close up of a device

• The electric engines provide high power output when several batteries are connected.

• The parts of the electric engines have a lesser chance of exploding while the

fuel engines have a greater chance of exploding as compared to electric engines.

• The engines are much better when it comes to performance and efficiency.

• The efficiency of the engines can be changed, thus leading to a lesser power


From The Depths Electric Engine – Disadvantages

• High investment is required on the batteries for increased power output. The

 the initial battery has almost no effect on the electric engine’s performance.

• The high amount of batteries take up large amounts of space. When efficiency is

considered in terms of volume, it is less efficient. Say, for 2000 power, we need at least 50 blocks of batteries.


From the Depths electric engine has more advantages as compared to its downsides. However, there are many other energy alternatives, such as fuel engines and harnessing the power of steam.

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