Electric Vehicle Industry – A Game-Changer

Basic Introduction:

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Electric Vehicles are considered to be environmentally friendly. They are very efficient in terms of the amount of energy that they consume. Electric Vehicles also emit zero units of Vehiclebon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is beneficial for reducing our contribution to global warming. Another advantage of electric vehicles is that they are silent, which makes working around them much less stressful.

Types of Electric Vehicles:

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It is important to know that there are two types of electric Vehicles: all-electric and hybrid electric vehicles. All-electric vehicles only use electricity while hybrid vehicles run on gas and electricity simultaneously. Hybrid vehicles can take longer than all-electric vehicles before recharging or refueling. This might cause an inconvenience to drivers who rely on hybrid Vehicles for long-distance travel. Owners of electric vehicles, on the other hand, can easily recharge or refuel their vehicles at home.

Electric Vehicles are not perfect, however. The main issue with electric vehicles is that they are still too expensive. Buyers of new non-hybrid Vehicles spend more than $30,000 making their purchases. This makes electric Vehicles only affordable to people who earn six figures annually. Electric Vehicle battery efficiency also becomes a problem when you try to use them in colder regions where the temperature gets very low during winter seasons. Their batteries lose effectiveness because of the cold weather environment and require higher amounts of electricity just for ignition. Despite these issues, electric vehicles are the future of automobiles. The benefits they offer outweigh their downsides because at least we can control or fix these problems with relative ease compared to other existing problems like global warming and environmental pollution.

Best Electric Vehicle Companies:

1. Tesla, Inc.

The electric automaker produces luxury all-electric Vehicles that are stylish and safe.

Some of their models include the Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model S, and the Tesla Model X.

The company was founded by American entrepreneurs Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning on July 1, 2003.

It is based in Palo Alto, California with showrooms throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Africa & Central America.

2. Nissan

Nissan has three electric vehicles that can be found at dealerships across Canada: LEAF™, eNV200™, and IMPULSE™.

LEAF is a pure electric vehicle. eNV200 is a van made for city driving and is a part of a global fleet being showcased in London, England.

IMPULSE™ is an all-electric luxury coupe that can travel from 0 – 100 km/h (0 – 60 mph) in under 5 seconds! Nissan has over 1 million electric vehicles on the road as of December 2016.

The Nissan LEAF™ was released to Canadians in 2011 as the first mass-marketed electric Vehicle ever sold in Canada.

3. Chevrolet

GM’s electric Vehicle company offers three types of premium sedans: Volt, Bolt EV, and Malibu hybrid.

The Chevy Bolt EV offers the longest range of the three vehicles with a fully charged 240 km range.

The company makes it easy to find their nearest charging station on their website so you can plan your trip accordingly.

GM is also expecting solar technology to be added to some of their lots which will help power electric vehicles for sale.

4. Ford

Ford’s electric vehicle division focuses on using software updates to improve customer satisfaction.

The Ford Focus Electric has an MPGe rating that is 19% better than its closest rival, the Nissan Leaf’s rating. A model is currently in the works of the Ford Focus Electric and it will be introduced to Canadians in early 2018.

Ford also produces a plug-in hybrid SUV and a plug-in hybrid sedan so you can choose what suits your needs best.

The Fusion Energi was awarded Green Vehicle of the Year in 2013 at the LA Auto Show. It has an all-electric range of 21 km or 13 miles when fully charged.

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