Electric Outboard Boat Motor – Choosing An Outboard Motor

electric outboard boat motor

They also offer numerous features that could make your boating experience more enjoyable and comfortable. But how do you choose the right electric motor for you?

For people who want to purchase an electric outboard boat motor for the first time, there are a few tips that could help. You can read consumer reports and seek advice from experienced boaters. You can also consult several online sources for more information or visit nearby marine supply stores and motor manufacturers’ showrooms. Keep in mind that choosing the right electric motor should match your boat’s specifications. Here are some factors that you need to consider when buying one:

Boat’s Specifications

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Motor size should depend on your boat’s specifications. Some boats have larger drive systems than others, such as motor-powered sailboats or water skiers. If you plan on using an electric outboard motor on a large sailboat, you should get a larger motor. The bigger the motor, the more horsepower it has. Generally speaking, gas outboards with at least 100 horsepower are suitable for use in large water vessels.

Most electric boating enthusiasts prefer units manufactured by Kohler and Kettler. Both brands produce excellent marine units, but Kohler seems to be the favorite among boaters who have more experience and knowledge about boating. Kohler motor parts are also more expensive than those sold by other manufacturers. However, many boaters consider this price advantage worth it as karvin boats are known to last longer than most boats.

Recreational Use


If you plan to purchase an electric boating device for recreational use, you might want to take a look at established brands first. These brands typically produce reliable, durable units that won’t quit working despite exposure to harsh conditions. Brands such as DeWalt, reel motors by Zebco, Triton, and Petersfield are all derived from established, successful companies. If you’re willing to put some money into your boating hobby, these brands should be able to give you the best value.

Maintenance-free electric outboard motors allow for a lower price tag, but this doesn’t mean they come without their problems. While most units are easy to maintain, some require special attention. Electric motors that use brushes need regular lubrication to prevent premature wear. Brushless motor maintenance can be tricky and costly, so if you’re not experienced with these types of devices, it’s best to get a professional to service your equipment.

Stealth Electric Motors

The more expensive models often come with a high-end, concealed power train. These devices are called “stealth electric motors” and can run silently under any circumstances. These units do require a bit of knowledge about electrical engineering, so you may have to consult with a local expert before purchasing one.

These stealth electric outboards are generally very simple to install. Typically, all you need is a standard outlet and you can install a complete system in just a matter of hours. However, installation may require more than just installing the motor; you’ll also need to install a transfer box to receive power from the battery.


Because these motors require little maintenance, the price tag on these units can be quite a steal. These units generally have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MRP) and may vary depending on the model and brand. Be sure to research the MRP of each model you’re interested in and compare it to the prices listed in manufacturer guides. This will ensure that you get a true bargain.

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