Electric Motor Service – Why A Specialist Wont Help You

electric motor service

But what do you get? In most cases, the company that performs this service will use diagnostic tools to find out the components of your motor, but they don’t usually do anything with respect to rewinding your motor. Although it can be done, it isn’t necessary and it will be more costly. So, why pay for it in the first place? Why not just go ahead and let the equipment do its job?

Advantages To Hiring An Electric Motor Service

There are many advantages to hiring an electric motor service company to perform maintenance on your equipment. If you have an expensive piece of machinery like an excavator, you may not have time to attend a scheduled machine shop visit on a regular basis. With an annual machine shop visit costing hundreds of dollars, that visit can really add up over time. You could also possibly be forced to wait a long time before you get to test drive your newly repaired vehicle. It’s all about time management and saving money – and the sooner you can take care of these problems, the better.

Some companies also offer dynamic balancing services. This means that they will actually make adjustments to the way that the motors on your equipment to operate. For example, if you have recently used an excavator and need a few things that were broken, a company could make those adjustments so that your newly repaired machine works like it should. It may even include putting a cap on certain parts that need a little boost. Dynamic balancing is especially valuable for heavy machinery that is no longer being used regularly.

Which One Is Willing To Work And Give Quality Repair

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If you’re unfamiliar with rewinding motors, you might be surprised to learn that a number of different companies offer this service. Some charge a bit more than others. The level of customer service you receive will vary. It may be worth paying a bit more if you’re going to get good service, but it might not be worth it if the company takes too long to do anything or perform too many repairs. The best choice is to shop around to see which ones are willing to work fast but are still capable of giving you quality repairs.

In many cases, the rewinding process can be completed in one day or two. It may take more time if the problem needs to be addressed on both axles of your main transmission or if it’s on a multiple axle transmission. The rewinding process for electric motors is often easier if it’s on an off-road vehicle. If the equipment has to travel very long distances, though, it may be more efficient to bring it to a local motor repair shop.


There are a few things to remember when it comes to choosing a field service company for electric motor service, though. First of all, never choose a mechanic or a dealership that doesn’t provide ongoing after-market services. If they want to give you warranties or extended warranties, make sure they offer these options. You want to be able to purchase additional after-market services from them in the future if you need them, and this will make sure that they stay competitive in the field.

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