Electric Gearbox Buying Factors

Electric Gearbox

Meta- There are numerous electric gearbox buying factors that you can follow so that you can invest in the best one.

It is widespread to get an electric gearbox because there are so many available in the market. But even in those options, it cannot be easy how to choose the best of the lot. If you have an automobile with a non-working gearbox, then you need to get the best of buying factors. Otherwise, you will end up investing in the wrong product and regret it later. The design work is not the only challenging thing that you have to choose from. According to modern manufacturers, there are specific gearboxes for specific application requirements. So you have to place your requirement before selecting the gearbox. Also, there are certain factors to consider like the input speed and horsepower, output torque, and characteristics.

Service Factor-Electric Gearbox

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you need to understand the service factor from the manufacturers so that you do not have any concerns after buying. For example, there should be no concern regarding the type of input and shock or vibration. Check whether your gearbox will run for specific hours of a day, or it will be a continuous process. The higher service factor will assure durability, and you can go for the one which has a lower element.

Service Class

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Once the engineer has already considered the determining factor, now it is time to check the service class. For service class 2, the gearbox will be paired to the direct ac motor, and it will run for 20 hours per day. Check out the class number like 1, 2, and 3 and even the versions so that you can understand the ratio. Also, ask about the torque-speed so that you can appreciate the efficiency of the gearbox.

Overhung Load-Electric Gearbox

After determining the size of the gearbox, the gearbox manufacturers catalog will find the value for the maximum overhung load. Understand whether the overhung load is permissible for the unit size of your vehicle. If the application is exceeding the allowable amount, it is time to increase the size of the gearbox. Otherwise, it will not be able to withstand the load, and the durability will go down.


If you are quite sure about that overhung load and the size of the gearbox, now you have to think about the capability. Pick the correct mounting size and find out the configurations that will cater to the specific requirements of your vehicle. The standard mounting technique is the flanged input with a C frame motor, which collaborates with an output shaft. The shaft is directed to the left, and it is one of the most common methods of mounting.

Lubricant And Motor Integration

Once you complete the configuration and unit size, check whether the gearboxes are filled with the correct lubrication. Many manufacturers will also give you an offer to integrate the motor inside and give you an assembled unit. The preference is, of course, yours, but it is recommended to get inbuilt motor integration so that you can streamline the processing work.


As an endnote, it is never a cakewalk to buy an electric gearbox unless you are knowledgeable about it. It is better to consult an expert and take the factors above into consideration.

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