Top 3 Electric Engines For Boats

Electric engines

Many companies manufacture electric engines for boats. A good electric engine gives you good performance, extended life, and a smoother ride. If you want to know which are the best electric engines for boats, then down below we have the best three engines.

best electric engines for boats
Best Electric Engines for Boats

Best Electric Engines For Boats


Bellarine is a successful electric boat motor company making amazing devices since 1999. Over the years, they merged with a battery accessory manufacturer company. They now manufacture a wide range of electric engines for boats, all with different configurations including direct drive shaft and reduction geared. The engines range from 2kW to 130kW and are available in four different models. These include a dual-motor Modular, Masterstraight drive Drivemaster, geared Thrustmaster, and high power Shaftmaster. All these are sold as complete engines with some optional extra features.


This company was founded in 1979 in Giethoorn to give rental boats offering electric power. Combi is now an established company and a leading supplier of electric propulsion engines for boats. These engines have different kinds of operating components in only one housing. They are all assembled and ready to plug in and use. The motors are available in both BLDC Permanent Magnet and AC asynchronous models. The larger engines have dual motors but can also sail on a single motor.


Elco is the oldest motor boat company started in 1893. It was the first Electric Launch company in the world that supplies electric boats to the Chicago World Fair. This company manufactures a wide range of hybrids, outboards and inboards. The Plug n Play engine system comes with all wiring and active power components encased in a marine grade aluminum casting rated at !P-65. This electric engine can also be purchased online along with the varied options, accessories and batteries.

Electric engines for boats that are efficient
Electric Engines for Boats that are Efficient

Electric Yacht

The electric yacht is a premier supplier of electric motors for the US markets. They design electric engines for boats with a plug-n-play system. Their engines are manufactured for DIY installations by competent boat owners using simple tools. Their engines work on regenerative power while sailing. The electric yacht has been in this line for 10 years with over 450 installations to their credit. You get a 3-year warranty on this engine. They also have a ‘find your boat’ section on their website where you can search for the best motor as per your requirements.


E-tech, also known as Starboats is a custom yacht builder company. They make electric engines offering regular and high torque. All their models are rated IP67 and come with shaft endings on both sides in a hybrid configuration. These engines are sold ready-to-assemble including all accessories such as batteries and propellers.


This is one of the biggest manufacturers of marine generators and high-quality electric engines for boats. Their products are also sold under the brand name ‘Whisperprop’. They work as per an ‘EasyBox’ system that takes away the complications and guesswork out of complicated procedures for selecting a motor. They have engines with different configurations on their website that makes it easier for the customers to decide.

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