Electric Bike Hub Motor Advantages

electric bike hub motor planetary gear

A “Hub Motor” is basically an electric bike drive system, with a transmission that is mounted on the front of the bike. There are two basic types of electric bike hub motors: Planetary and Disc. Although both types are pretty similar, the Planetary version has a huge advantage over the Disc version. This article will go over the advantages of having a Hub Motor on your bicycle.

First off, let’s talk about the technology that a “Hub Motor” uses. There are basically two forms of transmission in an electric bike: a chain drive and a cassette drive. Both systems use a pulley system to create torque and force the pedals to move. The chain drives and cassettes in electric bikes are attached to the rear wheels of the bicycle by a series of gears and rollers.

Electric Bike Hub Motor Planetary Gear

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Most modern bicycles have a drive system that allows for a single-speed drive. When you first buy your bike, you will find that most bikes will not be configured to use a single-speed. Most manufactures have chosen a geared drive system as the optimal configuration for a new bike. If you’ve ever ridden an electric bike that had no transmission and just felt like moving at a really fast speed, then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

A geared drive is very efficient at delivering power to the pedals quickly. It also allows you to easily increase the speed of your bicycle when you need to. This makes it ideal for people who like to ride their bicycles without using all of their power or who just want to cruise up a hill quickly. Because the chain is so light, it also adds a small amount of resistance when you pedal. This adds a bit of fitness to your rides and makes it a great workout machine.

A planetary drive is a little more complicated. It features a large chainring and cassette with multiple sprockets. This is more expensive than a geared drive and usually requires some additional modification to your bicycle to use it. Only a few people have ever used a geared drive and enjoyed the results, but it does have its advantages.

A Much Ado

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For instance, an electric bike hub motor can often be much larger than your standard bike. With a geared drive, you would have to modify the entire bike to adapt to the electric motor. You’d have to get a special frame made for the motor and other accessories as well. However, with a bike drive that comes directly from an electric bike hub, all you have to do is add the appropriate hardware to your existing bike.

This means that it’s a lot easier to upgrade your bike when it gets old and you have more funds to purchase upgrades. This also frees up space on your bike where other features can be installed. For instance, many bicycle companies make handlebar interlocking systems that are easy to install on your bicycle. These systems attach to the handlebars of your bicycle and allow you to change your handlebars to make a more customized fit for your lifestyle.

Bottom Line

The advantage of an electric bike hub motor over other options is that they are much lighter weight. Most electric bike motors today are around half a pound in weight, which makes them easy to carry around on your bike. Hub motors make more power than a standard bike drive, and this extra power translates directly into better acceleration. Once you get the hang of riding with the extra power, however, the extra acceleration isn’t noticeable. As a result, most electric bike users prefer an electric bike hub motor because they are easy to install, cheap to purchase, lightweight, and produces great acceleration.

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