Electric Bicycle Motor Basics

electric bicycle motor

Have you been thinking of buying an electric bicycle? You have made the right choice! There are many reasons why more people are choosing to ride an electric bicycle these days. Perhaps one of the reasons is that riding an ordinary bike can be kind of boring. Wouldn’t it be great to experience electric bicycle power for yourself?

An Overview

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(a) “Ampere” means: A combination of two words: “motion” and “pole.” An electric bicycle motor consists of: a controller (pedal) and an engine (motored by an electric battery). (b) “erville” means: A town. The electric motor in an electric bicycle is connected to the rear wheel of the bicycle by a “drive chain.”

(c) Although not strictly an Electric Bicycle Motor, a bicycle engine does make sense. Just ask any car driver. How do they keep the engine going? Simple, by using a chain and sprockets. Just as the drive chain in your automobile links to the sprocket at the front of the bike, the chain on your electric bicycle links to the rear wheel.

Now, if you want to convert your electric bicycle to an electric drive, there are some things you will need to take into consideration. First of all, you will need an electrical source. Since most electric bicycles run off of rechargeable batteries, you will need to find an outlet that provides these batteries with an outlet. Luckily, many areas have plenty of outlets.

To power your motor, you will need to look for a “pedal motor.” These motors are designed specifically to drive your electric bike. Unfortunately, they can be expensive. They also require that you dismantle and rebuild your drive mechanism so that it will work with the motor. If you’re willing to spend the money and the effort to build this unit from scratch, it’s well worth the effort.

Electric Bicycle Motor Basics

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If you are considering just simply replacing your current motor, I would highly recommend going the “pedal-less” route. These types of units do not require you to remove your pedals. Instead, the motor takes care of all of the work involved in riding. Although this option may be more convenient when riding on bumpy terrain, I tend to favor it whenever possible.

The other option is a Motorcycle drive system. This type of unit allows you to remove your pedals, so you no longer have to hold them in your hand. However, like the pedal-less motor, this type of unit can be fairly costly. It also requires that you rebuild or replace your existing motor. Although more difficult to install, it still can be done if you have experience with motorcycle mechanics.

So which electric bicycle motor type is best? I tend to lean toward the simpler, cheaper options. The less work involved in riding means a much cheaper price tag. The less complex the motor, the more affordable the system. There really isn’t a right or wrong answer here, it’s a personal decision.

Important Tips You Need To Know

However, you do need to consider the size of your electric bicycle motor. A large, powerful motor is going to require a larger hub to attach to. You will also need a much larger motor case. This type of motor is great for racing, but might not be for you if you want to take care of your electric motor.

On the other hand, smaller, cheaper motors are available. However, these motors are usually only able to handle a very small number of speeds. They are also generally much more difficult to repair. Because of this, I recommend going with the largest motor size possible. If you are only planning on powering one bike at a time, you can probably get by with a smaller, cheaper motor. However, if you have plans of building multiple bikes, then I would definitely recommend spending the extra money and getting a bigger motor.

In The End

As with any electrical device, you should always double check that your electric bicycle motor is what you think it is. There are a variety of counterfeit products out there that claim to be an electric bicycle motor when they’re really just an air-cooled heater. Be sure to buy from reputable sellers that sell quality merchandise. Some of the most popular electric bicycle motor brands are the Powerstroke and Kaylor. Both of these companies offer great products for a reasonable price.

Keep in mind, an electric bicycle motor is very small. It takes up very little space. Therefore, you won’t have any trouble keeping it out of the way. If you don’t feel comfortable installing your own motor, you can buy one that’s ready to install.

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