Creating A Simple Electric Motor

simple electric motor

Everyone interested in creating new things might want to try to make a motor in their own house. Well, creating a simple electric motor is not so difficult. When you know the right things and have all the required materials, you can easily follow some necessary steps. It will ensure that you can start by creating a simple electric motor to look incredible. You must try to follow essential steps to ensure that it can help avoid any mistakes.

What Are The Materials Required For The Work

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For creating a simple electric motor, you have together some necessary items so you can prepare them. Ensure that you get all the required materials to expect the best results.









Steps For Creating A Simple Electric Motor

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You need to follow several steps to ensure that everything will be perfect. You must follow these steps correctly to create an ideal motor. This way, you can see that a simple electric motor will be relatively easy to make.

1. Starting in the middle of the wire, wrap the wire tightly & around the marker 30 times

2. Slide the coil you made off marker

3. Wrap every loose end of the wire on the coil a few times to hold it, point the cables away from the loop

4. Use the hobby knife to get rid of the top half of the wire insulation on each free end

5. The unprotected wire should be facing the same direction

6. Thread the movable end of the wire coil over the needle’s large eye

7. Try to keep the coil straight without bending the ends of the wire

8. Lay the battery sidelong on a surface

9. Stick some clay on any side of the battery so it does not roll away

10. Take two small balls of modeling clay & cover the needle with sharper edges

11. Place the needles vertical to the terminals of both batteries, so the side of the needles touch battery’s one terminal

12. Use electrical tape to shelter the needles and ends of the battery

13. Your coil should be hanging above the battery

14. Attach a smaller magnet to the side of the battery, so it’s centered underneath the coil

15. Give your coil a spin


These are all the things that you should know about creating a simple electric motor. It might not be too difficult if you have some experience in creating certain items regarding electronics. So you must follow everything accordingly. Even a beginner can still make it correctly.

For some individuals, if there are any issues, you can try it again to ensure that you see where you made mistakes regarding the electric motor. So, you can resolve it quickly and get a great result while planning to create a simple electric motor. This way, you can expect a convenient product.

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